How to use / English

How to use, Step by Step, cysteine volume control, kiss liss.

1) Wash your hair 2 times with the anti-residual shampoo Kiss Liss (this shampoo opens the hair cuticles, preparing it for the cysteine Kiss Liss)


2) Dry your hair with your finger and phon (to avoid diluting the cysteine Kiss Liss with the remaining water on your hair)


3) Apply the cysteine in dye mode, put the gloves, it's enough 30 grams of product per application (short hair), do not overdo with the product, cysteine Kiss Liss does a lot. Massage the hair all over its length and comb to distribute the product well throughout your hair. Once finished ....


4) Put the head cap, and let it work:

 for 15 minutes (fine hair, colored hair, with mèches)

for 20 minutes (wavy hair) for 30 minutes (afro, or thick hair)


5) Remove the head cap and dry your hair with brush and dryer, avoid sticking the dryer on the hair, burn the cream and make unneeded smoke.


6) Make the straightener, hot at 230 degrees, slowly, on very fine strips of hair, to seal the  cysteine Kiss Liss, pass the straightener 3 to 5 times in fine, colored hair, or with mèches, and 7 to 10 times on african or thick hair, once finished ...


7) Wait 5 minutes for the hair to cool.


8) Rinse very well with abundant water the hair to remove the remaining cysteine. At this point, if you wanted to do the same day the color should wash your hair with shampoo Kiss Liss (just 1 shampoo)


9) Put the moisturizing mascara or cream moisturizing Kiss Liss and let it act for 5 to 10



10) Rinse your hair, and comb you the customer preference, with dryer and brushing. there is no need to make a plate. Anyway, if you want to do it, you can do it, your hair will be protected for Cisteina Kiss Liss.

* Follow strictly the instructions, we are not responsible, by abuse or misuse of the product.

* for external use only.

* Keep away from children.

* It is recommended to use after-treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner Kiss Liss, specially designed for proper post-treatment straightening of the hair with Kiss Liss Cysteine, will last longer, shine and healthy your hair, regenerating them further in every wash.

- Look at the photos of the first and after, treatment straightening of the hair with Kiss Liss Cysteine.

-Look at You tube links.

-Read the page in 5 languages of questions and answers on this website.


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