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1 - What’s the Cysteine?  The Cysteine is an amino acid. Our hair are composed of cysteine and other natural substances.


2 – What’s the Cysteine Kiss Liss? It’s a treatment that removes the hair volume, smoothing them, and giving hydration, brilliance, vitality and a natural elasticity reinforcing the hair. Their main components are: carbocysteine Oxoacetamide (e) Oxoacetamide Amino Acids, Hyrolyzed proteins. SHAKE BEFORE USE. WITHOUT FORMALDEIDE. TESTED IN THE LABORATORY “BIOLOGICALL OF CHIASSO, CORSO SAN GOTTARDO  34”, also in Laboratory “Veritas” Zurich.


3 – Cystein is present in our hair? Yes,  the cystine, or the cysteine derived, is indispensable for the keratinization process and it’s present in large quantities in the outer layer of hair cuticle.


4 - Disulfide bond? Two cysteine molecules linked by a disulfide bond form cystine molecule. The ph of cysteine Kiss Liss is 1.1 – 1.4. Proteins have a very low molecular weight, that’s the reason they penetrate more easily into the hair cuticles, restoring and strengthening the hair. This makes them healthy, soft and shiny.


5 – Could we treat all hair types? Yes, the Cysteine Kiss Liss is suited to all hair types, except those that are completely white, because it gives them a slight golden color. It’s a reaction of the amino acid oxidation when it contact the keratin of white hair.


6 – Could we treat completely damaged hair with Cystein Kiss Liss? Yes, but you should before do a test of your hair resistance. If the hair is dead, it’s recommended to cut it, because it doesn’t resist to any treatment.


7 -  The Cysteine Kiss Liss change the hair color? Not always. It could happen with certain tint types.


8 -  How long the application of the treatment takes? To the hairdresser it takes about two hours, but it depends on hair length. A treatment for short hair requires about 30 grams of product. It’s recommended to use a carbon comb, if you don’t have a double-comb.


9 – Could we use it on colored hair or with highlights, or those had other smoothing treatments? Yes, the Cysteine Kiss Liss could be used on hair that previously had other chemical treatments. It’s recommended to do a hair coloring after the smoothing treatment Cysteine Kiss Liss.


10 – How long you have to wait between one treatment and another, for example the hair coloring? It’s recommended to wait at least a week, for don’t stress too much your hair.


11 – Could we use it on afro hair? Yes, the Cysteine Kiss Liss smooth afro hair, big or natural. Leave the Cystein Kiss Liss on the hair for 30 minutes. Smooth the hair 10 times with a flat iron. But if you previously do a chemical relaxation, the duration of the treatment is 6 month. And the smoothing is 100% immediate.


12 - After how much time I have to repeat the treatment? More treatment will be made more hair will be smooth.  It’s recommended to do the smoothing treatment again after a month if this is the first time it’s used.


13 – The hair will be immediately smooth? The Cysteine Kiss Liss gradually smooth the hair, so with the first treatment smooth of 80 to 90% and with the second, the smoothing is perfect. The smoothing result is immediately visible and also the benefits of treatment. In commerce there are treatments that say to let the shampoo for 5 minutes or more. These shampoos have the mercaptoacetate active ingredient (diethanolamine, or triethanolamine) which acts as a relaxant, and it puts at risk your hair because it’s a dirty relaxing. Over time the hair will begin to break and fall. Avoid it. If you want a relaxing, make it complete and correctly.


14 – Does it have any harmful substances for the health? No, the Cysteine Kiss Liss has no formaldehyde, which is responsible for respiratory tract cancer, or other aggressive substances, like other commercial products. For that, this treatment smooth gently and gradually the hair. It doesn’t emit noxious fumes, so even a pregnant professional hairdresser can use it. Use gloves to avoid dehydration of the hands, because it’s an acid (amino acid). Cysteine Kiss Liss product HAS NO CONTRAINDICATIONS. 


15 – What are the results?  Your hair will be soft, straight, smooth, shiny, healthy, young, silky, without volume, easy to style, faster drying.


16 – The hair can break? No, the Cystein Kiss Liss will strengthen the hair, preventing breakage or splitting, and give them the natural elasticity. Cysteine Kiss Liss is compatible with all types of chemical products : mercaptoacetate, guanadina, henna, etc…


17-  How long my hair will stay smooth? The results will remain from 3 to 5 months. It depends on how often the hair are washed, unless you wash them and the results will last longer.


18 – Where the product come from? The Cysteine Kiss Liss come from Brazil, where there is an excellent and advanced technology in the sector. The Cysteine Kiss Liss was approved by ANVISA, which is the largest Brazilian health authorities.


19 – Why should I use the smoothing treatment Cysteine Kiss Liss? Today women are very independent, free and they always need more time. It’s great to wake up and don’t have to waste time in hair styling. In addition, our hair are part of our face, so if they are beautiful, accordingly the face will be beautiful. And you’ll feel confident and beautiful, inside and outside, you will always be in order, and you will have more free time. This formula is the result of years of experimentation and research. The result is Cystein Kiss Liss, a unique product, excellent and the best.


20 – Why should I use the shampoo and conditioner in the post-treatment?  The shampoo and the conditioner Kiss Liss was specially created to maintain long-term beneficial effects found with the Cystein Kiss Liss smoothing treatment. It removes split ends, it restores the hair sparkle, it hydrates and regenerates the hair for each wash. We see the difference of hair that uses it, and who doesn’t use it. Also to maintain the ionic charge, which is rich in cysteine.


21 – In which presentations could I find it? Kiss Liss has 2 presentations : professional for hairdressers in 1 liter, and for private 250 ml.


22 – How many treatments could I do with a kit? 20 to 25 treatments with a kit of 1 liter, and 5 to 6 treatments with the kit of 250 ml.


23 – Its smell is strong? No, the Cysteine Kiss Liss has no strong odor, because it has no formaldehyde. Its scent is sweet, pleasant and fragrant. So it doesn’t make cry the hairdresser or the client, it doesn’t attack the throat and it doesn’t escape the customers of the salon, it produces just a little smoke.


24 – What precautions has it? Kiss Liss isn’t toxic, explosive or irritant, it doesn’t stain clothes. For external use only. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water, don’t ingest, keep out of children. Store at room temperature.


25 – Could it be used during pregnancy or with children? There are no contraindications, but, for the sensitivity and delicacy of children, it’s better not to use it.


26 – Could I use the flat iron after treatment? Certainly, who wants can do it, even if it isn’t necessary.


27 – How can I increase the duration of the treatment when it starts to fade? We recommend to wash your hair with Kiss Liss shampoo and conditioner, and dry with a brush and hairdryer, and spend only 2 times with the flat iron on each stand of hair. Throughout the week the hair will remain smooth, or until the next wash.


28 – Is the application difficult? No, the Cysteine Kiss Liss is very easy to apply, just wash the hair two times with the Kiss Liss anti-residues shampoo, then dry them, apply the Cysteine Kiss Liss like a hair coloring, dry again, smooth 5 times using a flat iron to 230 degrees, rinse, apply the Kiss Liss moisturizing mask, rinse and style. For more information go to the Youtube video, “Cisteina Kiss Liss”. Or go to the site and click on the Youtube link.


29 – Could it be used only with women? No, the Cysteine Kiss Liss treatment is good for men and women.


30 – The products are sold separately? No, the kit includes three pieces and can’t be sold separately, they are complementary and necessary for a correct application of the Cysteine Kiss Liss treatment.


31 - How can I pay? For private individuals, the payment is made directly on the website with Paypal, bank transfer, for hairdressers, the product arrives by mail, payment must be made to the postman, in the receipt of goods, cash on delivery (Italy), or if you prefer you can buy and pay online with  Paypal. All shipments arrive by mail in two or three days.

Free shipping for orders from 250 Frs.

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